Monday, October 23, 2017

Pops Pantry Comes To The Greenville, South Carolina Area

The ladies who work at Powdersville Self Storage had an idea. What if they could help people who don't have the tools and skills needed to find work, provide for themselves. Their idea is an organization called Pop's Pantry.

It works this way: Those in need can stop by and receive food for their pantry. They can come in twice a month and get stocked up.

The first time they come by, the ladies talk to them and get their contact information.

The second time they come in, they bring a job description they can get from an ad, Craigslist, The Job Connection or other source and they'll help them put together a resume'.

On the third visit, they come in dressed for the interview and the ladies at Pop's Pantry will help them practice interviewing.

On the fourth visit, they come in with a signed form showing that they've interviewed for a job. If they do this they will continue to receive help.

Pop's Pantry is modeled after a similar kind of organization in another city. They call theirs "Pop's Pantry" to honor Fred Reinhardt. He worked to provide for his family both spiritually and financially. His family loved him and called him "Pop"!

Pop's wife wants to continue his legacy and make sure that people continue to get help when they are ready to receive it.

Please pray for this Upstate South Carolina mission as they work to help people help themselves.

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