Thursday, September 8, 2016

Backpack Ministry

Will you please join us by helping with supplies to pack 7000+ meals for needy children? These kids attend Alexander Elementary in Greenville County. The meals are for them to eat on weekends during the current school year. Over 90% of the children attending this school are below the poverty level.

We will be packing bags with multiple meals for each weekend from September through May for 175 children.

Since these children won’t have the resources to cook, we are asking for packages that are easy-to-open and eat. Pop-top cans are ideal.

If you’re pressed for time, you can make a cash donation instead and let volunteers make the purchases on your behalf, you can make a tax-deductible contribution to Powdersville First Baptist Church and mark that it is for The Backpack ministry.

Here is a list of foods we are able to use.

  • Milk - Hershey, Lil Milk 8 oz. aseptic packing - usually packed 3/pkg.

  • Juice - 6.75 oz. juice boxes - e.g. Minute Maid, Tropicana, pouches w/straw attached (Capri Sun)

  • Fruits - 4 oz. cups - applesauce, diced peaches, oranges, and fruit in gel cups

  • Meat Items - Hormel & Bumble Bee 4 oz. salad kits (ham, tuna, chicken), Peanut Butter w/crackers, Vienna sausages, Van Camp Beanee Weenie 7 oz. - anything that does not have to be cooked or microwaved & has an easy-open top

  • Sweets -cookies individually wrapped, 4 oz. pudding cups (Snack Pack)

  • Breakfast - cereal (single serve boxes of any brand), grits/oatmeal (single serve pkgs)

  • Snacks - individual size peanuts, raisins, sandwich crackers, pretzels, Teddy Grahams, granola/nutrition bars, Pop Tarts, gummie snacks, Goldfish

  • Mac and cheese, (Easy Mac), Ramen Noodles, pop-top soups/raviolis, canned green beans

Thank you so much for your help!

Powdersville Self Storage